APCO has proven expertise in the construction and operation of all floating surface solutions and has been extensively involved in the design and application of FPSO, FLNG, FSRU & MOPU facilities. Our track record includes operations in deep water as well as frontier and remote areas and environments. We provide our services to the highest HSE standards and pay special attention to sustainability and development of local content. With our wide network and range of services, APCO is capable of undertaking work worldwide for international Oil & Gas companies as well as for national companies and independent operators.


APCO is proud to have built and delivered the first FPSO facility in the Middle East. This vessel hosts the hydrocarbon processing equipment for the separation and treatment of crude oil, water and gas.

APCO’s team have participated in 7 international FPSO projects, and have experience with fast track FPSO project execution with a co-located integrated team.

The advantages of FPSOs include easy relocation between fields and minimal need for additional infrastructure as most facilities are in-built.  More >>


FLNG facilities are new high-tech vessels that can produce, liquefy, store and transfer LNG to market.  APCO’s FLNG solutions are based on both converted and new build hulls.  We have strong working relationships with the world’s major shipyards and fabricators and our in-house traders offer assistance, and accept responsibility, in selling of the LNG finished product.

The FLNG concept can eliminate cost from the lengthy installation of subsea pipelines, as well as the investment for onshore gas sweetening facilities. It is also an option for the facility to be re-directed to other fields if gas availability is reduced.  More >>


FSRUs are based on LNG tankers and use similar technology to onshore terminals.  Floating Storage and Regasification Units have onboard capability to vaporize LNG and deliver natural gas through specially designed offshore and near-shore receiving facilities.  Once moored, fuel is transferred from arriving tankers through pipes.  The LNG, chilled to minus 162 degrees Celsius, is then converted onboard into gas and typically used onshore at a nearby power plant. More >>


The Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) is a movable platform used in oil production. The design is most applicable to smaller offshore fields where production of Crude oil is c. 10,000-20,000 barrels per day. There is currently a favourable market for acquiring surplus drilling units for conversion to MOPUs; this can prove effective where a shorter cycle from initial investment to first production is a top priority.  More >>