As one of the main leaders in the trading industry, APCO provides expert services on hedging techniques, superior client service, and timely order execution.

Our aim is to enable our customers to facilitate the management of their exposure to fluctuations in energy prices and to explore investment opportunities. We are able to identify the energy price risk, establish our customers’ hedging objectives and explore alternative products and strategies.

Our specialist team also provide expert service on:

  • Risk measurement: assessment of the company exposure to the market risk using advance risk management technics including value at risk and scenario analysis
  • Solutions: Designing and back-testing hedging strategies to meet the company requirements
  • Implementation: Implementing hedging required platform for the companies
  • Market updates: Latest developments on the market
  • Inter-dealer brokerage services & hedging: APCO provides IDB (Inter Dealer Brokerage) services to its clients
  • Hedge commodity price and foreign currency exchange rate risks
  • Insurance to hedge various operational risks including freight-related and political risks
  • Hedge environmental risks
  • Hedge liquidity risk
  • Hedge counterparty relationships, fraud and regulatory risks