Our advanced RSS technology covers all horizontal drilling needs: 

  • In-house tools
  • Fully closed loop system
  • Ensures target achievement
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Faster rates of penetration
  • Enhanced reservoir deliverability
  • Lowers overall cost of directional drilling operations


  • Integrated MWD/LWD system
  • Near bit inclination, azimuth and GR
  • Fully integrated with PDT EM Propagation Resistivity
  • Simple, reliable downlinks, via downlink skid
  • Motor assist compatible up to 250 rpm
  • Dogleg rate up 8 deg/ 100 ft

Rotary Steerable System (RSS)

  • Developed by an NOV company (Smart Drilling) to drill complex 3D well profile
  • Tools used to drill more than 230,000ft (70,000m) across 50+ wells globally (excluding wells drilled using 40+ customer owned tools)
  • Robust design demonstrated by long run lengths – 50% more than 200 hours
  • Reduce torque and drag in laterals by reducing the wellbore tortuosity in the vertical section